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You've Found a Beautiful Breed...


 Hi!  Welcome to my site where you'll hopefully learn a bit about me and this wonderful breed. My name is Gloria Beaudin.  My husband, Wayne and I have 3 children that are now adults (went too fast). Jenna is married to Kellen and they have 2 of our grandaughters and lappie Odin. Colin is married to Samantha they have 1 granddaughter.  Eric is at home for now and helps with our Finnish Lapphunds Oakley, Fergie, Asha and Yara.  We live on 2 acres just outside of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada in Headingley.   


When we started looking for a dog we kind of knew size and temperament that would fit our home.


I started looking on the internet and for about 2 months read about every dog that even looked or sounded like what we wanted. I kept going back to the Finnish Lapphund and everyone in the family thought the breed fit


Now finding a breeder was not going to be as easy as we thought. Out of all the dogs we looked at we choose one that is still quite rare in North America. We ended up finding a wonderful breeder but she lived in Memphis Tennessee. Linda Marden has/is doing wonderful things for the Finnish Lapphunds. After she checked us out we were put on the waiting list for a puppy.

The emails started in February 2003 and by August 2003 we were on our way to Tennessee to pick up our bouncing girl puppy (GRACIE). We made a family vacation out of the drive. and after 8 days of vacationing we went to Linda's to pick up Gracie. Going to Linda's was a real treat. We got to meet all the Finnish Lapphund's, Gracie's mom Tipper, grandmother Jessica.... We knew we had made the right choice when every single dog was so friendly.

I enrolled her in a puppy class, then another. Her first summer we joined an agility class. Now this is fun! I wasn't sure if I'd like dog shows but after going to the FL gathering in Wisconsin Aug 2003 I knew I was hooked. Gracie competed to become a UKC Champion. We then started taking agility classes and I really enjoyed watching the dogs have fun plus getting some exercise too.

They say "Finnish Lapphunds are like potatoes chips, you can't stop at one".  "They" are right. A quick trip to Memphis and we got a second Finnish Lapphund, Skyla.  She is full of fun and loves to play agility.

The story continues on the Our Dogs link of the website.  I hope you enjoy visiting and enjoy our dogs as much as we do everyday!

My passion is to breed sound, happy, healthy pups who will enrich the lives of their loving owners.  I strive to produce puppies who have the type and conformation to win in the show ring as well as the athletic ability to succeed in herding, agility, or any other dog sport they'd like to try.



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