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UKC/CKC CH. Peikkovuoren Niiskuneiti HIC

DOB: September 5, 2007
OFA: Good              
Owners: Gloria Beaudin, Cathy Pollack and Lynn Drumm
Breeder: Taina Meittinen and Ari Friman (Peikkovuoren Kennel, Finland)
Import (Finland)

***NEWS*** Niisku has come to Canada for a while and has made her mark in the CKC show ring.  In one weekend she got 9 points.  She has the sweetest personality and is fitting in great.  August long weekend she got 3 points on her first day in and is a new CKC champion!

Together with Cathy Pollack and Lynn Drumm of Yutori Finnish Lapphunds in Wisconsin USA, Shadagrace is proud to announce the arrival of Peikkovuoren Niiskuneiti to North America. She arrived at 9 weeks old, and has already stolen the heart of all 3 co-owners. Cathy flew to Finland to meet her breeders and to bring her home.

We are extremely grateful to Taina Meittinen and Ari Friman (Peikkovuoren Kennel, Finland) for this wonderful opportunity to bring such outstanding bloodlines to this country. Cathy, Lynn and I were very fortunate to be in the right place at the right time and we thank Linda Marden for her assistance in making this happen.

Niisku is a daughter of 2007 Finnish Winner’s show BOB winner , Fin. Ch. Lumiturpa Eppu and Peikkovuoren Finlanddia. She is a grandaughter of Lecibsin Hurmuri Hukka and carries the type and substance we admire.

Nov 8th Niisku found a new passion, herding sheep.  She received her Herding  Instinct Certificate with ease and many positive comments from the evaluator.  You can watch her in action at http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=MzstjPgi7Wg

NIISKU herding

Niisku finished her UKC Championship on June 15, 2008 at the UKC Premier, Kalamazoo, MI! Thank you Cathy for doing such a great job with our girl!

Feb 19th, 2012 Niisku had her 2nd litter with 4 beautiful brown and tan pups.  We were lucky enough to get one of these little girls and we are calling her TIRA, Yutori N Shadagrace Tiramisu.



FIN MVA Lumiturpa Eppu
FIN28693/05 A
KANS MVA Lecibsin Hurmuri Hukka
FIN36931/96 C
Naavapirtin Nuuska
SF06753/87 C
Lecibsin Huligaani Hulda
SF24054/91 B
FIN MVA Lumiturpa Kylmänkukka
FIN30335/99 BC
FIN MVA Lumiturpa Nörri
SF32558/93 BC
Lumiturpa Tyyne
FIN37567/96 AB

Peikkovuoren Finlanddia
FIN20299/04 A
Fin MVA Himmelriks Parkki-Pumpukka
FIN35583/00 A
FIN MVA Stenseitens Otso
FIN34951/98 A
Lecibsin Hempukka
SF21525/92 A
Peikkovuoren Aada-Nuusku
FIN22593/02 A
Lecibsin Mikael
FIN15248/98 B
Lumiturpa Toive
SF38507/94 A




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